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Staying On Track With the Holidays
Posted by Deidre

The holidays are here! If you know that you struggle with the holidays and staying on track with your nutrition, we wanted to offer some quick tips.

If you always fall victim to gorging yourself with the holiday season, this is the year you can put a stop to it to stay feeling good and go into the new year on the right foot.

Here’s the top tips we have for staying healthy and enjoying your holiday at the same time.

First, start the day the same way you normally would. Don’t skip breakfast and keep it consistent with what you normally eat. If you always have eggs, bacon and arugula, have the same thing for breakfast even when you know that you’ll be having a big holiday dinner or eating out with friends and family. This will provide one piece of consistency in your diet, and when it comes to nutrition, consistency is king.

Second, look for protein in your meal. Many holiday treats and meals are comprised of refined carbohydrates and sugar, but lack much protein. Find the protein and make sure you have it in each and every meal. Protein is important for maintaining and gaining muscle mass. It’s often the hardest thing to get into the diet, so make it a first priority when creating and selecting your meals. You can do this while cooking at home or while eating out.

If you can implement both of these tricks, great! If one seems easier for you to do, pick that one.

Nutrition should be simple, and these strategies will still allow you to enjoy the treats that the holiday season has to offer.

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