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Four WODs a Day Just For You
Posted by Deidre

Here at Beyond the Box, we have your fitness needs in mind. We know you’re a busy professional.

You know how important your fitness is, and sometimes you don’t have all of your normal equipment with you. Whether you’re at your home garage gym, dropping into a box with your own programming, hitting a hotel WOD or working out without equipment outside, we want to give you a program that helps you stay right on track.

Each day, we provide four different workouts:

#GarageGymWOD for grinding it out in your home gym or if you’re dropping in somewhere. These are designed to take around 60 minutes to complete, including the warm up and strength work.

#HotelWOD for when you might not have all of the barbell equipment. These are usually geared towards typical equipment you might find in a hotel gym that lacks a barbell, including kettlebells and dumbbells. You can always swap out the equipment for what you have available to do the same workout. These are designed to take between 35-45 minutes.

#BodyweightWOD for when you’re traveling or don’t have anything with you, but need to get in a workout. Want to workout in a park, on the beach, or in your hotel room? This is just want you need to still get in a good sweat without worrying about hauling around dumbbells or weights. These are designed to take between 20-30 minutes including the warm up.

#StretchWOD for mobilizing, recovery, and staying supple. These quick mobility workouts are designed with the workout of the day in mind. They are a great add-on to your routine if you have a few extra minutes to do some preventative stretching and give your body some extra care. If it’s a rest day for you, these are also a great way to get moving without a large time commitment.

The best part is that our programming is geared towards getting a similar stimulus for every workout. That means that if some days you’re able to be in your garage gym, while other’s you’re on the road or vacation with minimal or no equipment, no problem! You can stay on track, getting a similar workout geared to be quick and efficient.

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