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When It Comes To Social Media, It All Begins With The Blog
Posted by Stephanie

If nutrition is where all fitness endeavours should begin, then “the blog” is where all social media endeavours should begin.

The blog is the foundation for the majority of the social media content you put out into the world. Write the blog first, and then, from that blog, artfully…

Pull the best bit(s) to create Instagram/Facebook post(s) Use the best line to create a compelling tweet Elaborate on the subject matter and host a workshop at your box where you “go live” on Facebook Use the content to build a YouTube video Expand on the blog topic on your gym’s podcast.

And don’t stop there: Send the complete blog to your mailing list to not only provide value, but to stay top-of-mind.

For some, blogging seems like something to do in addition to social posts. Instead, think of the blog as the starting point, the first step in content creation. You’ll find that this approach allows you to not only be more organized, but more impactful: your followers will feel how all of your content seems to naturally compliment one another and flow.

And worry not if you don’t consider yourself a great writer—you don’t need the literary chops of J.K. Rowling to put out a good piece of content. You really just need two things:

To write what you know (avoid writing about things outside your scope or interest) To have your piece proofread (have a friend/family member—or even a freelance editor—review your work for errors and clarity)

If you write what you know and have someone edit it, you’ll have a great piece of content worth sharing. Don’t overcomplicate things.

You wouldn’t advise your athletes to hop up onto the rings and attempt a muscle up if they can’t perform a pull-up, right? This is the same concept. There’s an order of operations when it comes to an effective social media strategy, and it all starts with the blog.

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