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Open WOD Strategies
Posted by Deidre

Like most CrossFit workouts, you should have a strategy when it comes to your Open workouts.

Keep in mind that Open workouts are designed to push you both physically and mentally, challenging your strength and cardio capacity, often at the same time. Going into a workout without a strategy or pace in mind will leave you laying on the floor before the workout ends. We want to perform well during the Open, so make sure you have thought this through before the workout starts.

Things to consider:

What cardio pace can you maintain and how will the movements increase your heart rate?

What movements will you be competent in and which will you struggle with?

How can you break up the reps to keep moving consistently?

How can you pace yourself in the beginning, even if it feels like you are moving slowly at first?

Every workout is different, so without providing specific pacing strategies, we want to give you some tools to mentally prepare and plan for your workout.

Ideally this is something you have been working on and using a stimulus to not go as hard as possible for every workout you have completed. Some workouts are fast and light, while others are heavy and difficult. Knowing how you work best under each stimulus is as important as knowing which movements are in your wheelhouse comfortably and which are challenging for you.

No matter what, if you are excited and nervous about the Open workout, you’ll likely come out of the gate too fast. You might feel good for a few minutes, but for longer workouts, 3 minutes isn’t enough time to be successful. If you’re nervous, you might try up or lose focus and get frustrated.

Stay calm, have a plan of attack, and always start slower than you think you need to. This will help you moderate your heart rate over time and get the best score possible. Consistency over intensity, especially with these workouts.


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