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How Your Hotel Can Impact Your Nutrition On The Go
Posted by Deidre

Choosing a hotel while traveling can make all the difference for staying on track with your nutrition while you are away from home.


From what the hotel room includes to what’s nearby, here’s our top tips for making the most out of your hotel to decision.

When looking at hotels, check to see what area of town they are in. If you’re traveling for work, it might mean finding somewhere convenient to your office or conference location. If you’re traveling for vacation, it might mean being close to attractions like the beach. Regardless of if you’re there for work or play, take a look at what’s around your hotel of choice.

First, check to see where the nearest grocery store is. Traveling and eating out for every meal is expensive, and leaves you to the mercy of what’s available. If your hotel is near a grocery store, you can swing by the pick foods you might normally have at home. With many grocery stores, you can now order ahead and have your groceries ready for pick up or even have them delivered to your hotel. This will make your life easier since traveling is often hectic with limited time for tasks like grocery shopping.

Next, look to see what restaurants are nearby. Look for restaurants where you can order clean meals or ask for substitutions on meals to meet your goals. These might be chain restaurants you’re accustomed to or it might be local shops with specialty items. Convenience matters when traveling, so make it easy for yourself to make good decisions.

Once you have your hotel figure out, start looking at the amenities available in the rooms. So much of the hassle with traveling has to do with not having a refrigerator. If there is an option for one in your room, you can stock the fridge to set yourself up for success.

This means you’ll be able to bring groceries back to the room with you to have readily available meals and quality options waiting for you back at your room. This can make breakfast and even dinner a breeze.

Also check to see if kitchenette are available. Cold meals will certainly get you by, but there’s nothing like a hot home-cooked meal. You can cook with the equipment provided in typical kitchenettes with very few ingredients to help you stay in control of your food quality, ingredients, and portions.

Here’s the quick and dirty recap:
Look for a hotel near a grocery store and/or health-minded restaurants
Book a hotel room with a fridge, kitchenette, or both to help you eat in and cook fresh food
A goal without a plan is just a wish - plan ahead!

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