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Share The Stage
Posted by Stephanie

As a coach, you have center stage. You’re the headliner, the person that everyone is looking at and listening to and laughing with.

You can either take it all for yourself, drinking up the glory that comes with stardom, or you can share the power and help your “audience” shine just as brightly (if not more brightly) as you.

It’s likely that if you are in fact hogging the stage at the moment, you probably don’t mean to. You might not know that you can recruit the members of your class to do things like lead a warm-up, demo a movement, create a “question of the day,” choose the WOD playlist, share a story, give insights, answer questions about movement/diet/equipment, pick the stretches for the cool down, be a team captain for a game, bring a shareable post-WOD snack.

These are just a handful of suggestions. There are many, many more. Let the members of your class shine brightly instead of just you. And interestingly enough, the moment you let go of your power is the moment that everyone sees just how impeccable and confident a coach you really are.

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