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Your Gyms Social Events Mean More Than You Think
Posted by Stephanie

To help your new members feel welcomed and included in your gym community, make it your mission to host several social gym events annually.

Fun events help members build relationships and rapport. It gives them a chance to meet the gym community and see how valuable it is to be a member at your box.

For many folks, joining a local, small gym is less about fitness and more about connection. They are looking for friendships, for camaraderie, for a sense of belonging. As a gym owner, you have the unique ability to provide a platform for adults to connect to one another and socialize. Don’t take this responsibility lightly—make the social events calendar at your box a top priority rather than an afterthought.

To do this, sit down and plan your gym events one year in advance. Here’s a sample list (and one worth crushing on!) to get you started…

Holiday workouts (like Memorial Day Murph, for example)

Holiday parties

Monthly meet-ups (these can vary or can be at the same location every month)

Quarterly book club

Annual trip (this can be as simple as an overnight trip and as big as a week-long cruise)

In-house competitions

In-house workshops

Annual ladies night

Annual dudes night

Annual outreach (beach clean up, Habitat for Humanity, etc.)

Don’t let this hard prep work go to waste: Make sure you start promoting your events six weeks in advance. This gives everyone time to make the necessary arrangements. And for a big event, like an annual trip, promotion starts at least six months before the event takes place.

This kind of events calendar will help keep your veteran members engaged, and ensure that your new members feel like a part of the team in no time at all. It’s a win-win!

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